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About Our Company

Tan Sin Lian Industries Sdn. Bhd. (TSL) - a gloves manufacturing company in Malaysia, is one of the leading suppliers and exporters for Latex Examination Gloves and Latex Surgical Gloves. Currently, TSL exports to over 45 countries. The main continents covered Africa, Central and South America, European Countries, Japan, Middle East Countries, South East Asia and United States (USA).

Having its celebration of 25th Anniversary during 2015, TSL strives to provide best quality of products and services to customers from either healthcare or non-healthcare segments. The workforce number is 450 persons and it is still increasing. TSL built in 22 production lines in order to cope with fast-growing market demand and at the same time, maintain its prices competitiveness.

There is value added services provided by TSL which are Packaging Customization, Less Container Load (LCL), and Mix Container Services. TSL customized the gloves packaging according to specific customers’ requirements such as, small poly bag packaging (10pcs, 20pcs, etc), small box packaging (10pcs, 24pcs, 50pcs, etc) and etc. For customers who do not have sufficient goods to accommodate in a full-loading container, TSL helped in arranging the goods consolidation.

TSL emphasizes stringent quality control in order to adhere and meet with Good Manufacturing Practice and Standards, such as ASTM D3578-05, and EN455 Part 1&2. It is accredited with FDA 510K, CE, ISO9001, and ISO13485.

TSL Social & Environment Policy

Our History

Tan Sin Lian Industries Sdn. Bhd. (TSL) was founded by Mr Super Tan, our current Managing Director in a quarter of century ago during 1990. It started its business by establishing as a trading company with a principal buyer from United States (USA) and grew together until today. As the market demand changing gradually, Mr Super Tan transformed TSL to become gloves manufacturing company in order to cope with the increasing demand of gloves from customers. During the year of 2003, the first manufacturing activity was begun in a factory located in Senai, Johor, Malaysia. The story of TSL as a gloves manufacturer that specialized in latex gloves production started officially with only 3 production lines at that time. Until the year of 2006, due to the expansion of business, the factory was moved to Alor Gajah, Melaka, Malaysia until today. The operation of TSL reached its peak as during 2011, Mr Super Tan set up second factory nearby the first factory at Alor Gajah. Now, there are total 22 production lines at TSL factories in order to produce around 180 million pieces of gloves per month.

Our Vision

To be a world leading glove supplier that users may trusted and rely on, by placing the Quantity and Quality in first place.

Our Mission

Produce superior quality of gloves, put an end to all unnecessary harms to human skin, inspire the world and humanity, create and provide a better protection for one’s hands and environment. Allow customers to buy different types of gloves at best quality with compatible prices.

Company Awards

TSL emphasizes stringent quality control in order to adhere and meet with Good Manufacturing Practice and Standards, such as ASTM D3578-05, and EN455 Part 1&2. It is accredited with FDA 510K, CE, ISO9001, and ISO13485.

More About Our Production

TSL factories currently consist of 22 production lines and 450 workforces. With the rapidly growing demand of disposable gloves in the market, TSL grows together with the long-term partners and customers. Its production capacity already grows up to 180 million pieces per month, and this figure is keep growing with confidence.

With a very complete production facility in TSL, such as using natural gas, online polymer facility and etc, TSL ensures the production achieve highest capacity with lowest cost, and able to produce variety of gloves to fit the different needs in the market.

Besides, in order to ensure the incoming materials quality, TSL internal lab is running 24 hours to check on-line parameters, to ensure that we follow the international standard and requirement. Preventative action will be taken to ensure all on-line parameters are within specification.

Furthermore, TSL is also running internal tensile test by using the machine made in United Kingdom to ensure the accuracy of tensile strength and quality of products.

Working as a responsible manufacturer, our commitment to the environment is to ensure all waste water has been properly treated before discharging. TSL keeps striving to be continuously competitive in the market and brings the biggest satisfaction to every customer.

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Facilities You’ll Trust!

Tan Sin Lian Industries Sdn Bhd aim to provide a safety and healthy working environment to our staffs.

We provide safety equipment to make sure our staff are working under a lower risk. Meanwhile, we organize the safety precaution events to educate our staff so that they know how to handle for emergency case.

Our advance machinery and program to help minimize the risk of our staff in their working. Most of high risk work are carry out by the machine and our staff are monitoring it major time.

One of Tan Sin Lian’s mission is to provide a clean and comfortable working environment to all staffs. We do care about the staffs’ healthy so we always make sure the cleanliness of the office as top priority.

Others than working environment, we also take care about surrounding eco-environment condition. All wasted chemical or harmful gas will be proceed by special machine before release them. This is our responsibility to take care our environment is always healthy.

Certificate & Awards

We are certified gloves manufacturing company across Malaysia, USA and Europe countries.